How to train dogs – with love and commitment!

How to train dogs – with love and commitment!

Dogs are the most loyal friends you will ever make. They are the cutest little creatures who shower you with unconditional love and leave you thinking, “what did I ever do to deserve so much love?” Thus, it is important to understand that training your dog should not be considered as just a simple task but a part of your relationship. It is not going to be easy and your dog is going to make mistakes during the process but you need to be patient about it and accept the fact that he is not perfect. Apart from patience, you need to show commitment to the task as well. Without your commitment, there is no reason why your dog will remain consistent in the process of learning. With these words in mind, this post will now talk about how to train dogs and various things you need to do to make the process fruitful and fun. In this post, you will learn how to train dogs to make them physically and mentally fitter. The following tricks will test your dog’s mental and physical fitness and make things a lot more energetic and fun.

Also, Learn three Golden Rules of Dog Training

  • Army crawling – this is a great trick to improve the physical fitness levels of your dog. Command your dog to lie down and hold a treat in your hand so he can smell it but not have it. Slowly drag the treat along the floor and your dog will also drag himself with you. After he has crawled a commendable distance, you can give him the treat and praise him immensely. If he gets up in the process, take the treat away and start over till he learns!
  • Salute – this military inspired trick is very cute and fun. How to train dogs to perform a salute? It is very easy. Simply take a treat and hold it in your hand and stick a tape above your dog’s eye. When raises his paw to remove it, compliment him continuously and then give him the treat you were holding. The trick is a great way to welcome any guests and with a little patience, your dog will be able to do it easily.
  • Handstand – a great trick to enhance the strength of your dog’s limbs and flexibility of his body, handstand is a great and amusing trick. Large breed dogs can have a problem performing this one but smaller breeds will find it really easy. Make your dog stand in front of a wall and raise his hind legs by placing them on a small block. Repeat this by adding blocks to increase height. After some sessions when your dog is comfortable, remove his paws and place them on the wall.

It can be very fun and learning how to train dogs to perform some great and funny tricks will add to not just the dog’s experience but yours too.

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